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Nerds dating – How to Get Your Boyfriend to Act Naughty

There will be times when you feel like being naughty but your boyfriend is not in the mood. Do not lose hope though. You can easily do something to get him in the mood and act naughty. All you need is some confidence and feel sexy.
The feeling should come from you. If you feel sexy, there is a greater chance that your boyfriend will feel the same way towards you. Feel confident about your body. Learn how to appreciate your assets by showing it off. For instance, if you have long flawless legs, show them by wearing short skirts. Show him how comfortable you are with your body. Look sexy by wearing revealing clothes and putting on some make-up. This will give your boyfriend hints that you are in the mood to be naughty. Wear stimulating underwear. Try to look seductive but not tacky. Get extra courage to say and do something bold such as talking dirty.

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