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Nerds dating – How to Tell if He is Lying

Most of the time, it is difficult to tell if your partner is lying when you think you are living in happy relationship. The moment the truth hits you in the face, it can be a nasty surprise. If you are starting to doubt his honesty in this point in your relationship, think twice before confronting him.
If the rumor came from someone else, find a way to confirm the fact by making observations. Do not depend on the information given by other people. Remember that you must find out the truth for yourself. The best way to determine a lie is to check for consistency. For instance, ask your boyfriend where he was the last time he came home late. You can ask the same question again after a week or two. You can tell that he is lying when he does not give the same answer. You can also check his mobile phone or emails to confirm some information. A person who is lying also becomes defensive and irritable whenever you start to ask questions. You can also secretly or monitor his calls and text messages. Remember to get him when he least expects it.

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