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Nerds dating – Long Distance Relationship: Despite the Odds

Some say long distance relationships are not for the weak. Indeed, staying in a relationship where you have to live away from your loved one needs courage and endurance. Even so, this kind of relationship should not be perceived as different from other relationships. In fact, there is nothing unusual other than taking geography as a consideration. The distance is what makes the relationship unique and worthwhile.
Obviously, one of the major challenges a couple must overcome is the inability to be with each other. Some even say that there will be a lesser intimacy or romantic spark because physical contact is infrequent. However this is not always the case. Love should not be based solely on physical contact. Communication is possible due to the modern technology where couples can skype or instant message each other. This way, the connection and bond is still present despite the distance.
In spite of the odds present in long distance relationships, couples still have a chance to make their relationship last. The limited time spent with each other is more appreciated and exciting. Anticipation will keep the romance high.

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