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Nerds dating – Long Distance Relationship: Is it Worth it?

Tough people deal with long distance relationships better. This is because this kind of relationship needs a lot of patience and commitment. A relationship created out of genuine love is always worth it.
What makes long distance relationships work? Two people make an effort together to keep the connection strong. Times spent with each other are cherished. Long distance relationships also test faithfulness and commitment. You will see how a couple values even the simplest things to make each other happy. For instance, a simple “good morning” text and random phone calls will mean a lot. As they say “absence makes the heart grow fonder”. Missing someone is painful yet it can be considered as the best feeling when in love. Long distance relationships enable couples to do even the things that almost seemed impossible because of the strong desire to see each other and achieve future goals. The benefits of long distance relationships include more developed communication skills which are vital in a relationship as well as improved trust. It is indeed a great feeling to know that you are loved and someone else misses you and thinks about you no matter where you are.

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