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Nerds dating – What is Happiness?

Some say they have found perfect happiness with their current partner. Even so, there are still many who deny the truth. They cover their sadness and regrets by pretending that nothing is wrong with their relationship. Due to this, many of us are still confused by what the real meaning of happiness in a relationship is. A healthy and happy relationship has several basic indicators.
Bond and Connection
Couples in a healthy relationship are able to establish a deep connection. This bond is not easily broken and lasts a lifetime. It is also able to endure the changes that happen in the relationship. Acceptance, communication and honesty are key to strengthen the bond. Two people accept their differences and similarities wholeheartedly. They are open to what they feel and discuss every issue without criticism or negative judgment.
Intimacy in a happy relationship does not end solely in physical contact. Two people are able to appreciate the essence of intimacy through the time they spend together. They fully understand that intimacy also means giving a smile as encouragement, a gentle hug during troubles and a compassionate squeeze in the hands from time to time.
A healthy relationship always has commitment from two individuals. Each strives hard to keep their relationship intact and works together to achieve similar goals in life.

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