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Nerds dating – When Should I Call It Off

It is tough to stay in a relationship especially when you have many reasons why it should end. Some of us force ourselves to endure and struggle to make everything right in a long-term relationship even though the signs are obvious. When is the proper time to call it off?
You need to comprehend what you really need and how you feel about the situation. End the relationship if the feeling becomes unbearable. Do not let the problem instigate more damage not only in the relationship but for yourself as well. There is nothing wrong with giving it another chance. However, if the issue persists even after another try perhaps it is really the right time to end it. Nobody deserves to be miserable. You and your ex are worthy of a happy relationship with another person. A relationship has to end if the essential principles are not present anymore. This includes commitment, understanding and honesty. Nevertheless, it is still important to discuss your decision with your partner to achieve an agreement and mutual understanding before calling it off.

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